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  • A free HoToPoLiS account.
  • A valid project, we screen every project for merit and validity.
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  • HoToPoLiS is for Musician based projects.

    We host projects from the world of musicians and their particular needs and wants, from a simple demo CD or promo video package to funding travel for school bands and groups We built our Fan-Funding platform to serve creative projects and the artists, songwriters, and creative people who make them.

  • “All-or-nothing” funding doesn’t apply here.

    In some cases “all-or-nothing” funding protect the creators from being stuck with a fraction of the funds, on the other hand musicians in general seem to be more resourceful and can usually make things happen even if they don’t get the full amount that they set as their goal.

  • People love backing creative projects.
  • Everyone loves being a part of creating something creative and new. Millions of people have jumped in to support creators on sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. They’ve gotten some great rewards, and a unique look into the creator’s process in return. It’s about more than money. It’s people making something together.
  • We’re making HoToPoLiS better all the time. 
  • Our Pre-Launch is coming very soon!